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With our many years of expertise and usage of the latest and greatest technology you will be assured to have your home showcased in it’s greatest light which will enable you to get top dollar for one of your most significant assets.

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Work With Us & We Will Guide You Along the Selling Process

We make the selling process seamless and aim for efficiency. Our work ethic, use of technology, and comprehensive marketing strategies attract qualified buyers quickly to get you top market value for your home.

We understand the intricacies and nuances of local markets, and will work with you to determine the best listing price for your home, which will get you the most money and best terms.

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Decide on a Listing Price

Choosing the price for your home is a big part of the selling process. Your agent will provide a reliable estimate based on careful analysis. They will consider local trends, your home's condition, similar homes in your area, and more.

Equipped with knowledge and local market experience, our agents work diligently to set a fair value.

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Prepare Your Home For Sale

Before listing, we make sure your home has maximum appeal. We know the repairs that add the most value. Small cosmetic changes often have a big impact on buyer perceptions. These can include replacing outdated light fixtures or a fresh coat of paint.

Your agent will create a custom action plan to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

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accept a purchase offer on your home

Accept an Offer

Interested buyers will submit offers via their own agents to your agent, who advises you on which offers to reject, counter, or accept.

After accepting an offer, you are officially under contract and in escrow. Your agent will be there every step of the way, ensuring all conditions, provisions, and obligations of the sale are met.

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closing on your home sale

Close on Your Home

Once your agent has successfully navigated you through the closing process, you are officially ready to finalize the sale! With the help of your agent, you'll review and sign final paperwork to transfer ownership of the property.

It's time to begin your next chapter! Your home is sold and a new adventure awaits.

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We understand the importance of an integrated marketing plan in today’s real estate market. A marketing plan with a significant number of aspects to it is what YOU want as a seller. We ensure that this is what you will have at your disposal when working with us. This plan needs to include online and offline strategies so that no stone goes unturned.

Our detail-oriented aggressive marketing plan is built to maximize exposure in all of the places that today’s buyers look for homes. More marketing equals more money and that is our goal with you as our client.

Staging that captures your property in its best light.

Staging that captures your property in its best light.

Matterport virtual tour for every property.

What You Can Expect When Working With Us

  • In house marketing team that ensures your home is seen in it’s best light
  • Exclusive property marketing which only we offer
  • Television and Online Promotion of your home
  • Single Property Websites which will be marketed everywhere
  • An exclusive program which enables you to sell and pay later
  • Working with agents who have decades of experience in the industry
  • Virtual reality tour options
  • Proprietary marketing plan that will get your home many more views than any other marketing plan. More views equals more traffic which enables you to get the most money
  • Interior drone videos which is a brand new and cutting edge technology used in the selling of real estate
  • Exterior drone videos
  • Exterior drone photography
  • Agents who have helped numerous sellers that don’t live in the state sell their homes
  • Agents who have project managed renovations
  • Agents who will point out the little things you can do to possibly net more money in your pocket
  • PPC Campaigns that attract buyers to your home
  • Targeting campaigns that attract buyers to your home
  • Postcard campaigns that attract buyers to your home
  • Door knock campaigns
  • Direct targeting buyers with predictive analytics
  • Video walkthroughs
  • Two agents with over 28 years of combined experience in the real estate industry
  • Rare and unique strategies to attract buyers to your home
  • And more……
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Staged to Impress

Staging can prove to be very crucial in selling a home. By leveraging the emotional impact of staging, creating captivating visual appeal, and the overall appeal to a buyer, properties can com-mand higher sale prices and expedite the sales process. In essence, the art of staging transcends mere decoration; it's a powerful tool for shaping buyer perception, fostering emotional connec-tions, and ultimately, reaping substantial financial rewards in selling your home.

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